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Why is he risking his marital happiness?

Ice Age in Denmark: Mary and Frederik look serious, almost involved
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Prince Frederik

He looks the blonde deep in the eyes, comes closer and closer, strokes her cheek, gives her a kiss. If you did not know that Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark (41) is married, you could easily keep him on a free-feet for a bachelor ...

The scene took place in the Danish Vallensbaek at the European Water Ski Championship. Prince Frederik honored the successful female athletes and personally handed over the medals to them. He seemed particularly pleased with June Fladborg (30). He beamed at her, joked, flirted and embraced her intently.

Too intimately, as some of the viewers stated.

And already the whispering began: Does not the crown prince think of his wife, Crown Princess Mary (37)? What does he believe, what she feels about such pictures? That's humiliating! Now all of Denmark is talking about it: Why is the Crown Prince putting his marriage luck at risk?

"The Crown Prince looks after each skirt"

Frederik and the women - over and over again, Mary had to experience heavy disappointments. As in the summer of 2006, when a reporter from the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet criticized the heir to the throne as a womanizer: "Our crown prince looks after every rock." In May 2008, Frederik was also caught in the Copenhagen "Career Bar" with a flirting with a beautiful brunette. Both came very close ...

At an awards ceremony in 2008, the prince then went to the singer Tina Dico (31) on touch.

He seemed to have completely forgotten that his wife stood on the stage a few meters behind him. Mary smiled bravely. But how could it have looked in her? Infidelity is the nightmare of every love ...

His family has to retire more and more often

Certainly, even for the Crown Princess, such a kiss does not mean the end of their marriage. But many Danes are sure: Frederik simply exaggerates flirting. He beats the strings too often ... And as if that was not enough, Mary almost always has to take care of the two children Christian (3) and Isabella (2) - Frederik is on the way.

If not for the crown, then privately: riding, racing, sailing .

Mary has to stand back often. And that can not always be easy for them. It hurts when your own husband once again gives preference to his many hobbies over family life ... Poor Mary! It seems she urgently needs to seek a discussion with her prince. So that their marriage does not get even deeper into the crisis.

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