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Why does this 65-year-old really want more children?

Annegret Raunigk

Annegret Raunigk (left) is pregnant at week 21. Her last child she got 9 years ago, daughter Leila (m.). RTL presenter Birgitt Schrowange (right) accompanies the RTL magazine "Extra", probably the oldest pregnant woman in Germany
Photo: RTL

excites the public mind: The Berliner is 65 and with Vierlingen in the 5th month pregnant . The teacher was artificially fertilized in Ukraine. She is already 13-fold mother. So why the high health risk with 65 years again quadruplicate? Is she addicted to pregnancy? Is that possible?

So far, few cases of women are known to announce that they are addicted to pregnancy . In August 2014, the Daily Mail published the story of 37-year-old surrogate mother Tara Sawyer, who frankly admits being addicted to getting pregnant again and again. Although she already has four children, Tara offers herself repeatedly - and free of charge - as a surrogate mother.

She feels empty and emotionless when she is not pregnant, Tara says. She was not addicted to having a baby. It's just about the pregnancy.

Annegret is probably the oldest pregnant woman in Germany . Once the babies are born, the Berliner is even the oldest quadruplet mother in the world. She got her first child Antje at the age of 22, today 44 years old. She too became pregnant again and again. Got 13 kids. The nine-year-old Lelia is her last child to date. At birth, Annegret was already 55 years old. Also a risk pregnancy.

About her true motives Annegret Raunigk leaves the public in the dark. Lelia had wished for a sibling to play, so the official statement. The public criticism of the artificial pregnancy is great. Annegret Raugnigk apparently does not mind: "I think that you have to decide for yourself and in my opinion you should not be too persuaded by other people who could do it the way they want and I think so as I see fit. "

Again and again, the 65-year-old is attracted to the public. Exclusive shipments only about her and her pregnancy. Does the late-bearer enjoy the media hype? Whether addicted to pregnancy, the desire for public attention or simple maternal love: Why Annegret Raunigk has decided once again at age 65 for a multiple pregnancy, only she knows.

Whether one finds their decision comprehensible, everyone must decide for themselves. It is clear that there is a high physical risk for a 65-year-old in a four-part pregnancy .

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