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When does something fly?

Knowing which pollens fly when can be very crucial when it comes to controlling their allergy. With the Pollenflugkalender you can prevent and in time the pharmacy or the doctor pay a visit.

With the Pollenflugkalender you know when which pollens are active. This is how you can effectively prevent your allergy
Photo: Foundation of the German Pollen Information Service

Download here the pollen calendar as PDF.

Useful addresses

Foundation German Pollen Information Service

In the Prinzenpalais / Burgstra├če

33175 Bad Lippspringe

Board of Directors: Prof. dr. med. K.-Ch. miner

Contact: Mrs. M. Wilhelm

Telephone: +49 5252 931203

Fax: +49 5252 931204


German Allergy and Asthma Association e. V.

Fliethstrasse 114

41061 M├Ânchengladbach

Advice phone: 02161/10207, Tuesdays to Thursdays, 9.30am - 12.30pm

Largest patient association for allergies and asthma. Here you will find help and concrete tips.

German skin and allergy help e. V.

Heilsbachstr. 32

53123 Bonn

Tel .: 0228 / 36791-0

The association offers advice on questions and represents the interests of allergy patients in important institutions.

German respiratory league e. V.

In the Prinzenpalais

Castle road

33175 Bad Lippspringe

Tel .: 05252/933615

The respiratory league is committed to putting new findings into practice, and helps with questions.

Association of allergic children e. V.

Auguststrasse 20

35745 Herborn

Tel .: 027 72/92 87-0

Parent self-help organization for allergy ill children and adolescents.