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Wall hook in pastel: hallway idea to make your own

The pretty wall hooks are a real eye-catcher
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These pretty wall hooks can not only be used in the hallway. In cheerful pastel colors they also shine the bedroom. Click here for the DIY guide.

You need this for the wall hooks:

  • Spruce board (19 mm, hardware store)
  • Wood drills 10 mm and 6 mm diameter (hardware store)
  • Wooden dowel 10 mm diameter
  • wood glue
  • Sand paper (hardware store) AMAZONA chalk paint mandarin no.11
  • AMAZONA chalk color Citron no.12
  • AMAZONA Chalk PaintMarrakesh No.19
  • AMAZONA chalk paintEvergreen Nr.20 (0, 75 L, 29, 90 €,
  • Round rod 25 mm diameter
  • Plastic dowels (hardware store)
  • compasses
  • jigsaw
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • brush

And that's how easy it is:

1. Use the compass to draw circles of 6, 9, 12 and 16 mm on the board and saw out.

2. Use the wood drill (10 mm diameter) to drill 1 cm deep holes in the middle of each circle.

3. Fix the wooden dowel in it with wood glue.

4. Smooth the edges of the slices smoothly.

5. Paint in the desired colors and allow to dry.

6. Cut the round rod into pieces of about 6 cm in length, pierce it completely with the thin wood drill bit (6 mm diameter). Then drill halfway through with the thicker wood drill (10 mm diameter).

7. Insert the screw into the round rod and screw it to the wall with the large hole pointing forward (depending on the wall condition with dowel).

8. Attach the disc with the wooden dowel.

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