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Waffles - the best recipe for the heart

  1. Easy, airy, light
  2. Ingredients (for 10 waffles)
  3. preparation

Easy, airy, light

Crunchy and crispy. Or lufitg and easy. Every girl was allowed to decide for herself. Waffles awaken childhood memories. And yet they seem threatened with extinction today. Not for long! This delicious recipe is to the heart!

They are sweet and tasty: freshly baked waffles . When its warm, slightly doughy fragrance streams through the rooms, hardly anyone can resist. It was like that before. And today too. Nearly! Blue-colored cream and glittering sugar pearls outstrip the good old waffle. A shame, as we find.

Belgian waffles and Dutch waffles: That's where the trend is, if anything. Cakepops and cupcakes are on everyone's lips. With a heart of chocolate, mango or passion fruit they attract especially young connoisseurs. The waffle - threatened with extinction?

A little butter, a bit of flour, a little milk. It does not need much more. At the same time there are no limits to creativity. Cinnamon waffles for Christmas or coconut waffles in the summer - the cupcakes in heart shape always go. Culinary tip: Dipped in potato soup a special highlight. Not only does this recipe warm our hearts.

Ingredients (for 10 waffles)

300 g butter, 120 g sugar, 6 eggs, 300 g flour, 1 packet vanilla sugar, 1/4 teaspoon baking powder


Mix all ingredients to a smooth dough and bake one at a time in a waffle iron.