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Because of a slip-up!

So, actually we had set up the slide and playhouse for our daughter ...

... but the hut was not yet shaky, she already had two proud inhabitants: Happy and Casper.

Well, then: Happy New Year!
Photo: private

Both were very impressed by their new open-air domicile. Good, we thought. Does not matter. For the child is still the slide. Well, a typical case of "thinking" ... as the picture shows. And since our mister Casper also remains stubborn when our little one slips down, he serves as a soft fur stopper - and everyone is happy ...

PS: Before I now draw the wrath of all mothers and fathers on me: As I said - it is our private slide in our private garden. To public playgrounds I make a big bow with our Schnuffels. And I got annoyed today in a playground - on the legacy of a four-legged friend directly under the swing. Something does not have to be !!!