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From superstars to annoying: Heidi Klum, Daniela Katzenberger and Verona Pooth

Do not they notice that they are only embarrassing ...?

Of course, funny and just wonderfully normal - these were these three ladies once. We could not get enough of Heidi Klum (38), Verona Pooth (43) and Daniela Katzenberger (28) in the past. But today we would like to turn off the TV immediately as soon as they appear on the scene. From superstars to annoying: We've looked at each and every one of them and explain what makes them so unpopular.

Nervid factor Heidi Klum : Embarrassing sex confessions The supermodel has changed from an innocent miracle to a wicked diva. Heidi Klum regularly tells us what happens in the bedroom of her and husband Seal (48). Among other things, she has set up a strip pole there. For a nearly forty-year-old mother of four, far from adequate. And who wants to hear something like that? A survey showed that the clear majority of our readers are annoyed by the Klum. Nervous factor Verona Pooth : She always wants to be in the spotlight The advertising icon is anything but stupid, but rather clever - when it comes to keeping in conversation. Legendary is her howl in " Johannes B. Kerner " 2002, in which she talked about her marriage to Dieter Bohlen (57). And today: As soon as son Rocco Ernesto (born on June 2) is in the world, she dreams in an interview about adopting a new baby. Of course, after the bad stories in the past, it's good to show the world a healthy family that does good things too. But who cares?

Nervous Factor Daniela Katzenberger : Arrogant and calculating Haughtiness comes before the case! The cat has landed the fastest on the descending branch of all. But on the ground of the facts probably not. Her fans recently compared them to monkeys. Daniel Katzenberger : "All you need to do is throw bananas at me". Her stepfather is said to have forced her to appear on the casting show " X-Factor " (Vox). Afterwards she was upset about it - and promptly landed herself in the headlines. How can you exploit your loved ones so shamelessly?