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From rags to riches

The first jobs of Brad Pitt & Co.

Hard to imagine: The successful stars of today had a life before Hollywood without flash storm and red carpet.

They all started quite differently - as "the nice girl" or "the nice boy next door"

Thirty years ago that could have happened to you: you go to Dunkin 'Donuts in New York to get a "coffee to go". The waitress at the bar is wearing apron and cap and is none other than pop star Madonna. She's just making a few bucks because she can not live on it despite her dance training at the University of Michigan. An offer for a role in soft pornography "A Certain Sacrifice" seemed to be a step in the right direction to get closer to her dream job as a singer. That and the subsequent nude photos in Playboy have not hurt the career from today's point of view anyway.

A little more serious was the media career of actress Michelle Pfeiffer. First place in a beauty contest earned her a few commissions for commercials in Los Angeles. This was followed by a contract with a renowned modeling agency and a guest role in the TV production "Fantasy Iceland".

Jodie Foster played in the first commercials at the tender age of three. As a six-year-old she was under contract at Disney Studios and became a TV star. Her confident appearance in front of and behind the camera surprised the producers. It was not long before she played a street prostitute as a teenager in 1976 alongside Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver. At the latest with the "Oscar nomination" for this was her acting passion completely burned. Despite many successful roles, she studied parallel to the Yale University literature. Foster graduated magna cum laude. She is considered highly intelligent.

Colleague Hugh Grant also completed his studies in English at Oxford. Originally the smart Brit wanted to become an art historian. If it was not for the theater group at the college. Here he gained his first acting experiences and decided to take professional acting lessons after his exams. He received his first television role in 1985. Cashiers like "Four weddings and a death" or "Notting Hill" left a little to come.

Brad Pitt studied journalism at the University of Missouri, specializing in marketing and advertising, but dropped out prematurely. In order to be able to pay for his drama school himself, today's superstar beat himself with various jobs through life; For example, he sold cigarettes disguised as a chicken. Fortunately, he soon received a guest appearance in the series "Dallas".

Without drama training, "bad boy" Robby Williams went to the theater in 1989 to work as a fellow. There he received first minor roles in plays and musicals, which he played with great talent and ambition. He did not want to appear for the casting of a boy group, because he wanted to be an actor. Only at the urging of his mother, he introduced himself and promptly received a commitment as a singer in the newly formed band "Take That". The rest is history. "No regrets" is a song by him ... why?