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Video: People discover their inner baby

Once dancing with the baby version of ourselves? It is possible in this video.
Photo: YouTube / EvianBabies

Cute baby dance

Unaware, they run through the city until they suddenly see a baby in the mirror, strangely enough, they look just like they do ...

The idea is quite funny: Instead of our own face, our baby-self looks at us from the mirror all at once. How would you react? Would you also like to try out, if the baby also participates in each of your movements?

At least that's what the man in the video below sees when he discovers his baby mirror image. Quickly the whole thing develops into a real dance. Other passers-by are skeptical at first. What is the man doing in front of the mirror?

But then they themselves see their baby-self and are with much zeal in the matter. The dancing babies are just too cute. Definitely guaranteed a few laughs here.

The funny video is part of an advertising campaign for the mineral water brand Evian. It should demonstrate the rejuvenating effect of the still water.

Here you can watch the video in full length.