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Video: Girl is crying because her nose has been stolen

Photo: Screenshot / Kalila Momple

Common Noseclaw

The girl in the video is crying bitterly. The reason: your daddy has stolen her nose!

This little girl in pink polka dot dress is unbelievably unhappy. The reason is serious: your nose was stolen!

The children's game is well known - probably everyone has been stolen his nose during his life. Usually the gambit ends with giggling children and happy parents. This girl does not find it funny that her nose was stolen . She even cries . How is she supposed to smell now? She asks, crying and desperate.

The two-year-old seems to be completely convinced that she has lost her nose. She was mumbled by the father, which is also the mother is petted. Only slowly does the little girl realize that she can get her stolen nose again. Then the dad almost begs to put her nose back on. Then the tears are immediately forgotten.