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Video: Young man flies 18 hours to surprise his girlfriend

Photo: Screenshot YouTube / JacksGap

Incredibly romantic!

Who is not touched? For 18 hours Jack flies from England to Australia to surprise his girlfriend Ella on her birthday.

Actually, it was just a crazy idea, which originated with Skypen. Ella invited her friend Jack on her birthday - in 18 hours flight away Australia! The young woman did not expect her lover to take the long journey from Britain. But Jack thought, "I have time and enough money, I surprise her on her birthday."

Said and done. Jack packs his bags and gets on the plane. Ella knows nothing. The couple did not see each other for three months at this time.

Ella's reaction as she embraces her boyfriend says it all. This surprise is really successful! The birthday boy Jack just will not let go.

We just say: What a great idea to show your girlfriend how much you love her!

His journey has documented the Briton in detail in a small film and named him after his girlfriend. The video 'A Film For Ella' now touches people all over the world. The romantic clip already has over 2.5 million clicks on YouTube. You can also see him down here.

You can find the original video of Jack and Ella here.

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