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Video: Hallelujah from the perspective of a mother

Hallelujah, this mother is not only funny, but also sympathetic honest!
Photo: Screenshot / Shannon Abbott

Hallelujah! That's how the mom life really is

Hallelujah! Being a mother can be exhausting. This conveys this woman with her witty-charming interpretation of the classic Hallelujah in a sympathetic video.

The video begins, the camera is focused on the cute baby and his proud mother. Then the first sounds of the song Hallelujah are heard and when Mama Shannon Abbott raises her voice for the first time, the small hairs on the arms stand up. One thing is certain: this woman can really sing! Anyone expecting a sentimental song about the miracle of motherhood with the touching sounds is mistaken.

Although Shannon actually sings about her role as a mom, but in a slightly different way: She sets off the pink glasses and describes in a sympathetic way as a mother's day - with all the beautiful, but also unpleasant things - really looks. Hallelujah!

What one as an outsider quickly forgets about the big baby eyes of the little baby, Shannon reminds us in a sugar sweet voice again: Being a mother is a real challenge. In addition to playing and cuddling is for example changing diapers on the program, with the mom in between times too happy to be pulled by the hair. A child is a 24-hour job! As own needs, such as for a change to sleep one night, come quickly to short.

The Hallelujah from the point of view of a mother does not only make you smile, it also speaks a lot of freshly baked mums from the soul! The funniest thing we found in this context is this familiar scenario, which Shannon sings in her crystal-clear voice: "It's 3 o'clock in the morning and you're wide awake, baby will finally sleep for God's sake, Mama will look like a zombie tomorrow morning. Daddy sleeps without knowing anything, how does he do that? That's not fair! When I go to sleep, I sing "Hallelujah!"

Oh, mothers do not always have it easy. Nevertheless, as exhausting as motherhood is, it can be as beautiful as that. Because what you can hear out of Shannon's voice as she sings about dirty diapers and sleepless nights is how much she loves her child. We are curious if we will hear more from the humorous mother with the beautiful voice in the future.