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Video: Grandpa cries at the sight of his new puppy

Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Davy Vanhaesendonck

The best surprise in the world

Within four months, this grandfather loses his wife and dog. The man's reaction to his new little puppy touches deeply.

Recently, the man in the video lost his beloved wife after 63 years of marriage due to a serious illness. Only a few months earlier his dog died, his longtime and faithful companion. With her gift, the grandfather's family now wants to give him support and new joie de vivre.

When he sees the little puppy in the arms of his granddaughter, he can hardly believe it at first. Incredulous the grandfather asks: "Is that for me?" When the answer is yes, the old man suddenly bursts into tears and openly shows his joy.

Immediately he takes the little puppy on the arm and lovingly hugs him. Again and again he thanks his family. The dog was chosen by the granddaughter, who is now allowed to choose the name of the animal: Snoopy .

We wish dog and owner in any case all the best!