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Video: Give Divorce Children a Voice

The Child Of Divorce organization gives divorce children the opportunity to communicate.
Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Katzo Mano

What children think about the separation of their parents

Divorce children think about the separation of their parents: the letter of the little boy in the video is deeply touching.

Children get much more than most adults think. Even though they should not be able to express it intelligibly, that does not mean that they do not feel what a hard time their parents are going through when they split up. The American organization The Child Of Divorce wants to give divorce children a voice - to allow adults to listen.

"Dear Mom, dear Daddy, I know you're not feeling well, I'm not feeling well either." These words begin the message of the video in which a little boy writes a letter to his parents. The reason for the letter: The parents of the boy are divorced.

Children feel what is happening around them. Even if they are not as understandable as adults. They hear every argument, notice the tension that comes from their parents, and suffer when mum and dad no longer love each other.

The spot of the organization The Child Of Divorce clearly shows that children have the same needs as adults. They want to be loved and feel safe. However, when their parents split up, children may feel unprotected, unwilling, or loved. That's why divorce children - no matter how old they are - should be given a voice. So parents can listen and actually understand.

The boy's message down in the video shakes awake. In the case of a separation, everyone has to be respected - always.

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