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Video: This barmaid is a real artist

Photo: Screenshot YouTube Giedrius S

Artistry behind the counter

This barmaid really puts us in maidenhairs. Heidi's Beer Bar does not just serve drinks.

At first it looks as if the barmaid from Heidi's beer bar just stack up a few big glasses and schnapps glasses. That would probably also create others. But when the more than talented barmaid appears on her arm with a whole series of glasses and only fills them with schnapps one after the other through a very small slit, we are blown away.

But it gets even better. The jars remain stacked and are now held across the small shot glasses. With the help of a wave, the bartender fills the shot glasses in succession. Without that something goes wrong.

With one last sweeping motion, the shot glasses are then pushed into the big glasses. All this makes the barmaid, without even an expression to forgive. For them it is probably the normal everyday business . We would definitely break one or two jars before this trick would sit.

The customers of Heidis beer bar should be similar. They are excited about the show. Obviously the party troupe ordered more J├Ągerbombs (J├Ągermeister with Energy Drink) and got a really good artistic contribution. Reason enough for a good tip we find.

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