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Video: Clever invention saves a dog's life

Photo: YouTube / MegaBella917

Herrchen invents life-saving 'chair' for his bitch

Bitch Bella was only four months old when she was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. A clever invention saved her life.

Already from birth, the bitch Bella suffers from the incurable disease megaesophagus. This affects the esophagus, which normally causes the ingested food to be transported to the stomach. If a dog suffers from mega-esophagus, the food will not be properly or completely ingested as long as the animal is horizontal.

Many animals cost the disease life if it is not possible to determine in time why they are not taking food and no alternative solution is found. Even Bella threatened a bad fate if her owner had not put all the levers to save his bitch.

He made a special chair by bitch Bella can eat without problems. The bitch is held in an upright position using the invention shown at the bottom of the video. So the absorbed Nahurng easily by gravity in Bella's stomach and her body can absorb all the necessary nutrients. After the meal, the bitch stays for another ten minutes in her so-called 'Bailey's chair' until all her freshers arrive where it is supposed to go.

The video below proves: Bitch Bella seems to have got used to her chair and to enjoy her food in this position as well. Hats off to her owner, who made it possible for his bitch to lead a normal life even with the disease megaesophagus .

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