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Victoria's Secret provokes with "perfect body"

Victoria's Secret triggers Shitstorm

Underwear label Victoria's Secret has once again struck a nerve with its new campaign. On posters it shows the "perfect body", which should be spindeld rr by all appearances.

Victoria's Secret Perfect Body
Photo: Screenshot Victoria's Secret
  1. 7.11.2014: Victoria's Secret changes the slogan
  2. 10/31/2014: Underwear label Dear Kates counters
  3. What happened before that
After numerous protests VS changes the slogan.

7.11.2014: Victoria's Secret changes the slogan

Victoria's Secret gives in: After numerous protests the latest campaign is no longer called "The Perfect Body", but from now on "A Body For Every Body". So the campaign wants to advertise better for a realistic body image? ... the spell has been changed, the picture is not. The skinny Victoria's-Secret-Models, which suggest that you look so skinny in underwear and not otherwise, are still on display.

10/31/2014: Underwear label Dear Kates counters

The underwear label Dear Kate also shows that things can be done differently and publishes a photo that shows a different understanding of the "perfect body". "We show the many forms that a perfect body can have, " reads the website.

What happened before that

In October 2014, the American lingerie label Victoria's Secret splits the spirits. A new underwear campaign with the usual thin models is titled "The Perfect Body".

The uproar: "What gives Victoria's Secret the right to say what a 'perfect' body is?" Asks Twitter user Hannah Booth. In unmistakably pejorative posture, the teenager poses with two other girls in front of a Victoria's Secret poster.

Others are worried and upset. " Perfect body ? They seem seriously malnourished! " Christian Jessen, a British television presenter and doctor. There is no official statement from Victoria's Secret yet. Did the brand deliberately provoke or was their marketing message simply misunderstood?

After all, the "Perfect Body" campaign actually promotes every woman in the Victoria's Secret assortment to find the perfect bra for herself. Twitter messages about the new lingerie line adds the hashtag #LoveEveryBody to the label, so "love every body". Maybe they should have just called the campaign "The Perfect Bra"? ...

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