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Victoria & William: Relaxed Weekend

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince William - both spent a relaxing weekend.
Photo: Getty Images

With child, but without baby

There was a lot going on at the weekend with the Royals. But - everything relaxes, everything is fine, everything is beautiful ...! At the same time, Victoria of Sweden and Prince William (31) seemed to enjoy the days with birthday party and polo fun .

Extremely harmonious this year it went on Sweden's sunny island Öland at Victoria's birthday party. 36 she was "hearted" and accordingly much.

As usual, thousands of Swedes had come to the Solliden summer palace or piled into the great island stadium to squeeze "hug" their "crown princess, " or hug her head-to-head with her.

But there was more to it than just the "birthday girl" to look. The already cheerful mood was relaxed by the little Estelle, who for the second time was the secret star next to her Mama Victoria on Öland.

How easy to recognize: Estelle gets now slowly (visible) hair, not yet lush, but at least. Much is also watching Madeleine (31) and her husband Chris O'Neill (39). Both showed up at the party for the first time as a couple, although Chris sometimes looked rather grumpy into the cameras. He may not, like Charléne of Monaco, put on a "movie star smile" at the push of a button.

In England, however, Prince William caused amazement because he seemed to indulge himself carelessly in a polo weekend with his brother Harry. And that although Kate should come down supposedly hourly.

But at the weekend, nothing happened to her. Since William is certainly one of the very few who know the so-called "deadline" (which terrible word), his serenity will not have been played.

He probably knew that nothing would "happen" and therefore there was no reason for him to get nervous. That happens soon enough, maybe today or tomorrow or ...

What is it called - new game, new luck. The latter experience quite lush the bookmakers, because all wagers on the 13th of July, which haunted for weeks as a "surefire" birth date by the media, they have already coated with relish.