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Hidden camera: dog has no storm

Photo: Screenshot / ignoramusky

Dog alone at home

This mistress has always been interested in what her dog does when he has no storm. The hidden camera reveals!

Pets have it fustdick behind the ears. This owner wanted to know more about whether her dog keeps to the bed ban, if he has storm-free . Before she leaves the house, she installs a hidden camera in the room.

This dog knows exactly: The bed is taboo for him . As long as Mistress is nearby, he strictly adheres to the ban. But what happens when the dog is alone? Actually, one can already imagine the following scene - because, of course, the dog enjoys the storm-free shack. However, the four-legged leaves a little time before he jumps on the bed. Only when he is sure that Mum is out of the house, he makes himself comfortable. In bed he is completely crazy - he turns his tail wagging his tail on his back. The cat only observes the event skeptically.

With such an exuberant joy, Mistress can not be mad at all. Actually, it is also common that the cat may dominate the bed, the dog but not.