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Photo: deco & style

Milk bag in Holland look as a gift wrap

Small craft lesson for the grownups: See what you can do magic from an old milk carton.

Editorial tip for DIY:

Is not in the bag? But, this gift wrap is so cute, it has to be that easy.

Material requirements:

1-liter Tetraverpackung (milk or juice bag), white spray paint (craft shop), 1 light blue eyelet and punch pliers (craft shop), 1 pair of Dutch Pantinen ceramic, red cord, white photo cardboard (about 4 x 4cm), gift, tape (eg from Tesa), blue colored pencil, scissors, punch

That's how it works:

1. Clean packaging, rinse and dry.

2. Cut the bottom so that it can be resealed.

3. Spray the packaging white and let it dry.

4. Attach an eyelet to the upper locking tab.

5. Cut a small sign from cardboard, label, punch and hang with the cord on the packaging.

6. Also attach ceramic shoes to the eyelet.

7. Slide the gift through the floor and seal the packaging with adhesive tape.

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