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Forget your towel - you need a Canga on the beach!

A real Canga is so light that the sun shines through.
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  1. Canga: These shawls are the ideal sun companions
  2. 3 reasons why we need a Canga this summer
  3. Great beach photos can also be found on wunderweib on Instagram

Canga: These shawls are the ideal sun companions

The bath towel you can forget this summer confidently at home. What would be much better in the suitcase: a Canga. Who perfects the beach trend now and why you too will be thrilled.

The beach of Rio de Janeiro - these are crisp popos, cold caipis and Barry Manilow's "At the Copa, Copacaba" on the lips. Forget something? Oh yes, the men and women waving the meter-long towels over the beach promenade. Of course these are not flags (even though many of them decorate Brazil's yellow and green color combination) - these are Cangas . Or better: what you should sit on the next beach trip instead of your towel.

Every tourist knows: bath towels are a must on the beach. But it's towels. They become sandy as soon as they have been spread, they stay moist when you're already dry after a splash, and at the end of the day, they are really unwieldy, heavy, take up a lot of space and take half the sandy beach, no matter how well you shake them out.

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Real professionals in beach excursion: the Brazilians. And if you look around at the Copacabana, you will not find a towel in the sand anywhere. Why? The summer experts know a better alternative: the Canga. Also available as pareo or sarong, the large, mostly square scarves are the smarter alternative. Because the Canga is a real all-rounder: feather-light sheet, quick-drying towel and pretty beach dress in one. Thin enough to let the heat of the sand on our skin, great for wiping off the sand after a swell, we find: Cangas are the better bath towel, actually in every way. The biggest plus: when it's time to pack in, binds Just look at the cloth as a pareo around your hips and make your way. Still wet? Not for long, because a Canga dries super fast.

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Since the Canga sellers at German bathing lakes are not as frolicking as at Brazilian beaches, of course, does another substance. The main thing is that it is a good size, preferably made of cotton, viscose or polyester, machine washable and, when dry, as good as weightless. Dear an "authentic" Brazil Canga? Jetten to Rio - or for example in the Brazilian Bikini Shop one of the many cloths (cost: around 10 euros) order, which otherwise only flutter over the Copacabana.

3 reasons why we need a Canga this summer

1. It takes much less space in the suitcase than a bath towel.

2. The thin sarong fabric dries much faster than its terry cloth predecessor. In addition, the sand is easy to shake out, the fine granules trickle out of the towel even days later.

3. The Canga not only serves as a beach towel, it can also be converted into a great suit: as a dress substitute at the Beach Bar, as a headdress in the scorching sun and, knotted, even as a bathing bag. More ideas? See below ...

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Great beach photos can also be found on wunderweib on Instagram

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