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Stimulate digestion: This helps with constipation!

A tried and tested home remedy to stimulate digestion: dried fruit.
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  1. Constipation - what to do?
  2. Gently stimulate digestion
  3. Stimulate digestion: laxative

Constipation - what to do?

How can the digestion be stimulated? Every third person is more likely to be constipated. Too much, too fat, too fast - proven home remedies that stimulate digestion.

Too much, too fat, too fast - eating habits under which the digestive system suffers for days. In addition, a low-fiber diet and little exercise. About every third person often has constipation! However, simple tricks and tried-and-tested home remedies usually help to stimulate digestion .

Only sluggish or clogged?

Three times a day to three times a week - each has a different digestive rhythm. Constipation (constipation) is present only when the defecation remains incomplete, strong, painful pressing is necessary and sufferers suffer from bloating and bloating . If these symptoms persist for more than three months, it is a chronic constipation.

Gently stimulate digestion

If the constipation is temporary, a change in dietary habits can stimulate digestion . In principle: low sugar and fat, lots of fiber (fresh vegetables, whole grains) and water (recommendation: two liters per day). But beware: If the intestinal fiber is not used, it responds to too rapid changes with painful flatulence. Therefore, gradually change the diet.

Tuition Drink at least 1.5 liters of water and herbal tea between meals throughout the day. This stimulates digestion . Attention: dehydrate alcohol and coffee. Then drink a glass of water.

Dried fruits Figs, dates, raisins and plums swell in the intestine and push the stool. Tip: The British "Christmas pudding" consists of pressed dried fruit (about 10 euros, online shops).

How healthy are dry fruits really?

Digestive walk After the main meal, we should move for at least 30 minutes . This stimulates digestion and also helps reduce stress - another reason for constipation. Because only with mental relaxation, the intestine can work properly.

Laurel Leaves It is their bitter and essential oils that make bay leaves real friends of the stomach. They ensure that no voluptuousness comes up during sumptuous meals. At the same time, they stimulate digestion by stimulating gastric juice production. This prevents constipation and cramps. For this reason, when it comes to gastrointestinal problems, medical practitioners recommend adding one or two bay leaves to the food while cooking .

Apple cider vinegar has amino acids and enzymes that stimulate digestion, promote detoxification and strengthen the intestinal flora. To do this, stir 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 200 ml of water and drink on an empty stomach every morning . This also strengthens the immune system. If that's too bitter, add some apple juice or honey.

Stimulate digestion: laxative

They have a bad reputation - while the doctors are now agreed that the use of laxatives is meaningful and harmless. Also over a longer period of time! Rule of thumb: Anyone who regularly has not had a bowel movement for more than three days for one month suffers from chronic constipation. Patients who are unable to change their diet should see a doctor. He can advise on various laxatives. Contrary to popular belief, these are not "addictive" - that is, the dose need not be increased over time to consistently achieve the desired effect.