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Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev talks about food, sports and her visions

Naturally, Nina Dobrev is beautiful in the new "Self" issue

Nina Dobrev / @ Self

is just hot! This proves once again on the new "self" cover. For the new November issue you can see her in a pink and purple dress. Although this long-sleeved and the neckline does not really look deep, Nina still exudes a tremendous sexiness. She just has the envy factor! In the magazine she talked about her sports habits: "A six-pack? Not for me. I have a flat stomach, but he is not rock hard. If I wear a bikini, then I train more and leave the desserts for a few weeks. But most of the time I do sports so that I feel good. "For us it is a bit reassuring that she has to do sport for her dream figure and he is not simply innate to her. Nina Dobrev would like to keep evolving.But at her favorite food The 23-year-old does not forgo the perfect figure: "Starving to be thin is not my cup of tea. If I do not eat, it affects my mood. On the set, I strengthen myself with small meals and in between I always eat protein-rich snacks like almonds. A chai latte with espresso always keeps me on the hook. "" I always want to keep growing, so I make vision boards with things like 'learn', 'surpass' and 'hit'. I use my imagination and use it to express what I want to achieve. And then I remember those things that help me and make me look forward, "said the star of" Self ".ML