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Uschi Glas: The TV star has not forgotten the fraud on the part of the ex-husband

The actress Uschi Glas knows how hard life can be.
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Love Drama

After the humiliation: TV star Uschi Glas has not forgotten the fraud on the part of the ex-husband .. Some wounds left on the soul scars that can be felt for a lifetime. Uschi Glas also knows this (68, "To the point, sweetheart"). The actress confessed in the talk show "Nachtcafé" (SWR), how she pursued the love drama after the separation from her first husband Bernd Tewaag (66) to today. It was a time that led her through hell: After photos of her "Bernies" had appeared with a young lover, the former couple of couples divorced after 21 years of marriage. "I was completely shocked and petrified, " she admitted at that time. A humiliation that shaped Uschi glass . "If something happens to you, you just have to allow a certain grief. Other people separate too. You just have to admit that you are on the ground, "admits the beautiful Munich native. Despite everything, she did not give up, opting for a different path. "God did not want me to moan, just start again and move forward step by step." A time that cost the actress a lot of strength, but made her insanely strong in the long run. Although she feared never to trust a man again she is happy again today with Dieter Hermann (60). For seven years, the actress and the business consultant are married. "It's like I've met someone I've been waiting for a long time, " enthuses Uschi Glas . And the wait was worth it!