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Upcycling: a new look for your bathroom cabinet

So simply beautify your bathroom cabinet.
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Nostalgia in the bathroom

Romantic and a bit playful is this DIY idea for your bathroom cabinet. With the help of our guide, you can just copy it.

What you need for the bathroom cabinet:

  • Bathroom cabinet (eg from IKEA)
  • 1 mfloral cotton fabric
  • Velcro tape for gluing (department store)
  • tape measure
  • French chalk
  • fabric scissors
  • Iron
  • pins
  • Sewing machine and matching yarn

And that's how easy it is:

1. For a cabinet measuring 42 x 84 cm, cut the fabric into a size of 50 x 90 cm.

2. Iron the lower edge to the left side of the fabric only 2 cm, then take another 10 cm, fix with pins and stitch.

3. Iron the upper edge only 4 cm and then another 2 cm, fasten and stitch.

4. Iron 2 cm at the sides and then another 2 cm, fix and stitch.

5. Cut the Velcro strip to 42 cm, remove the protective film and glue the fluffy part to the desired height of the curtain.

6. Glue the other part of the Velcro strap to the cabinet and attach the curtain.

TIP: If the curtain is much used or should be washed, it is advisable to sew the Velcro strip.

Prop: base cabinet, Ikea, Hemnes, 59 €, fabric, "Cotton Ring of Roses 2",, soap dish, "Nostalgia", Ib Laursen,, 14, 90 €

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