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Washing underwearBB washing: clean lingerie properly

How often should you wash a bra? At how many degrees will you really want to clean? We answer the most important questions about underwear cleaning.

How do I wash lingerie properly? Here you will experience it!
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  1. Here are the most important cleaning rules for BH and Co.
  2. How long can I wear bra and co.?
  3. Understand washing symbols
  4. There are even more tips for washing lingerie from the professional in the video:

It belongs to the garments that have direct contact with our skin: the underwear. Therefore, you should not only pay attention to proper quality, but also look that bra, panties and Co. are always cleaned well. Due to the close and warm skin contact just bacteria feel particularly well. This is especially true in the genital area. But not only the health aspect should be important to us. Of course we want to have something from our beautiful laundry for a long time. A few care tips and cleaning instructions help that lingerie not only shine beautifully, but are also hygienically clean.

Here are the most important cleaning rules for bras and Co.

  • New laundry should be cleaned before wearing because no one knows exactly who and especially how bra and panties have been tried on. Even chemical residues of dyes and Co. are removed and can no longer irritate the skin.
  • Always wash bras with a laundry bag in the washing machine. To protect the fabric from damage due to friction and the machine from possibly coming out bra straps.
  • Hook the bra straps into each other before washing and never turn the bowls inwards. Leave them as they are shaped.
  • Wash the laundry exactly as instructed. This also applies to the use in the dryer.
  • Wash your lingerie always with matching clothes, so the tones are always bright.
  • Never use fabric softener when washing bras and Co.
  • Always wash bras and co. Up to 40 degrees in the machine - or preferably by hand. If this is too unhygienic, then use a bath of lukewarm water and vinegar that disinfects, removes stains such as blood, and protects the colors.

How long can I wear bra and co.?

Basically, it is recommended to change briefs, strings and underpants every day. To prevent bacteria from forming and harming you. It is best to wash your laundry as soon as possible after wearing it. Then dirt can not sink deep into the fibers.

Of course, this looks a little different with the bra. But how often can you wear it? And should you clean it then? Basically, it depends on several factors: Is it very warm, you sweat a lot or have sports driven, a bra should also be washed directly. If this is not the case, you can wear a bra for up to two days. Experts often recommend putting on a "rest day" for the bra and not putting it on again until the third day. Then he should go to the laundry. This not only keeps you hygienic, but also protects fine fibers from the lenders.

Understand washing symbols

They let us from time to time with a question mark in front of the washing machine: washing symbols. But those who can decipher them correctly will always receive beautiful - and especially suitable - laundry from the machine. What the individual washing signs mean, we clarify here.

There are even more tips for washing lingerie from the professional in the video: