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Underwear line with business women

Ada Collection by Dear Kate

Who needs professional models, if he can have successful business women who radiate a lot of self-confidence! For the "Ada Collection" underwear label Dear Kate presented sympathetic normal women to the camera.

Ada Collection by Dear Kate
Photo: Dear Kate / Twitter

Three in one fell swoop: With its new underwear line "Ada", the US label Dear Kate breaks with three clichés: 1. Anyone who presents underwear must have model dimensions. 2. The IT industry is just for men. 3. Anyone who sits at the computer is a nerd and wears horn-rimmed glasses and a turtleneck sweater. All nonsense!

Since August 21, 2014, the "Ada Collection" is available in the online shop It is presented by women who have built their own business in the digital world - and not only successful, but also fashion and self-confident.

Quiessence Phillips works in computer security for Barclays and has launched the "Girltechie" campaign, a social network for women in IT professions.

Sarah Conley founded the blog "Style IT" and is a media consultant for fashion and beauty companies. "I did not feel insecure or shy, " she writes on her blog about the photo shoot. "If a brand wants to include a woman of my size in her lookbook [...], then I'm ready for the challenge!"

Adda Birnir is the founder of "Skillcrush", a learning platform that teaches digital job skills.

So far in the US online shop of Dear Kate sizes XS to XL are represented. More plus size sizes to XXXL should follow, reveals Sarah Conley on her blog. Around 32 to 48 euros cost the parts, is also delivered to Germany.

Incidentally, the Ada Collection is inspired by Ada Lovelace, who developed the blueprint for a calculator at the beginning of the 19th century and thus wrote the world's first computer program.

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