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Unwanted rescue: Dog pulls out playing boys from the water

Photo: Screenshot / America's Funniest Home Videos

Over-zealous rescue dog

Save yourself who can - the rescue dog comes! This dog pulls a playing boy out of the water, who does not find the unwanted rescue so funny.

This dog has a mission: save people! As a rescue dog, he was finally trained. The four-legged friend, however, takes his job a little too seriously. Since it can happen quickly that someone is saved, if no rescue is necessary. That's what happens to this little boy who plays in the water with his air mattress.

But that's the end now, the dog decides. First, the mattress is brought ashore, after which the dog quickly pulls the playing boy out of the water. The fact that this water wings carries and is actually not in danger does not disturb the dog. The somewhat overzealous fulfills his task as a rescue dog.

The boy takes the unwanted rescue, but his annoyed look reveals his disapproval. Apparently he knows the scenario already, because the child does not seem really surprised. Of course, it could also be that the parents have trained their dog to a special education method to signal their boy that the season is clearly over.

Whether rescue or education: For the boy, the end of the season comes rather unintentionally. The dog, on the other hand, seems to be happy about its task and fills it with zeal.