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Unbelievable Punishment Unbelievable Punishment: Mother chains daughter to lamppost

Images of an incredible punishment are currently going through the net. They show a little girl chained to a lamppost. Her mother had left her there as a punishment.

The mother simply chained her daughter as a punishment.
Photo: Facebook

In a parking lot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, something unusual has recently been observed. Instead of a car, a mother parked her child there - to punish her. Motorists discovered the 8-year-old girl on a lamppost.

Die Mutter kettete ihre Tochter als Bestrafung einfach an.
The mother simply chained her daughter as a punishment.
Photo: Facebook

When they noticed the necklace on their right ankle, they called the police in shock. He then told the little girl that her mother had chained her because she was wrong. But she would come back soon. So the police sat down to her - and waited.

This punishment goes too far

10 minutes later, the mother actually came back. After releasing her daughter on the orders of the police, she explained the reasons for her act: she had chained the girl as a punishment for not wanting to go to school.

Finally, the mother was allowed to go home with her daughter - with the exhortation to refrain from such a punishment in the future.

Education: Frequent traps and how to respond correctly

Supposedly it was the first time that the girl was chained. Whether she actually skipped the school and how long she chained to the lamppost remains unclear. The police are now investigating child neglect.