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Poll decrypts mystery of happiness

"Happiness often comes from attention in small things, misfortune often from neglecting little things." Wilhelm Busch (1832 - 1908), German poet
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"Name a moment when they are happy"

British healthcare company Bupa launched a survey of 2, 000 people. What they found is most surprising: the ultimate moment of happiness.

When do you feel happiest ? In which moments do you feel most comfortable? The result is most surprising. Where some suppose riches, love or success, one errs. For what this study has proved is nothing more than the so old-sounding sentence: enjoy the little things in life.

The top 20 of the most frequently mentioned moments of happiness:

20. Be out on the road.

19. Melting chocolate in the mouth.

18. Freshly mown grass.

17. See a fresh layer of snow.

16. Take a long, hot bath.

15. Personal services.

14. Freshly brewed coffee or tea.

13. Listen to the rain and thunder when you are inside.

12. Find a bargain.

11. When the favorite song is on the radio.

10. The feeling of freshness after showering.

9. Doing something for others.

8. Fresh bread.

7. Cuddle on the sofa.

6. So much laughter that it almost hurts.

5. find time for yourself.

4. Unexpectedly find money.

3. If someone thanks or a stranger is nice.

2. Feel the sun's rays on your face.

1. Sleep in a freshly made bed.

But even in such good news there is a bad one in it. Accordingly, respondents were also asked about the frequency of their moments of happiness . Only one in eight said that every month he had more than one feel-good moment. How can that be when everyone seems to enjoy the little things the most?

"People just like to name the moments that make them happy. Implementing them is more difficult for them, "says Dr. Paula Franklin, medical director at Bupa. "Well-being can help improve your health. We should pay more attention to our body, mind and soul. "Two-thirds of respondents said that stress prevents them from feeling good. Other often mentioned obstacles were lack of sleep and bad manners.

And yet, there is something we can look forward to: With age, the study also increases the frequency of feel-good moments. Thus, 21 percent of people over the age of 55 stated that they even experience at least one feel-good moment every day. By comparison, 28 percent of 25-34 year-olds said they only feel such moments once a week.

PS: At No. 24, " The Friday Feeling ", at No. 28 " Seeing a Rainbow ", landed at No. 32 " Blowing up bubble wrap ", at No. 35 " Dancing as if no one was watching " and at No. 46 " The Plop Sound when opening a jam jar ".

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