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Udo Jürgens died at the age of 80 years

Music legend Udo Jürgens dead

A German legend is dead: Udo Jürgens suffered a heart attack on December 21, 2014 while walking

In the middle of November Udo Jürgens was still in Berlin on stage, now this German music legend is no longer with us: The news of his death came quite surprisingly on Sunday the 21st.

Udo Jürgens dead
Photo: Getty Images

December. The singer and known composer turned 80 years old.

During a walk in the Swiss town of Gottlieben, Udo Jürgens had suffered a heart attack, leaving all of Germany in mourning shortly before Christmas. Time of death: 16:25, after acute heart failure.

No matter how old or young: His hits like "Greek wine" and "I've never been to New York" sound familiar to everyone. With him, Germany lost a very big, world-famous star. Rest in peace, Udo!