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Twin Strangers - Irish look for double

These three Irish are looking for their doppelganger!
Photo: Twitter / Niamh Geaney

Irish on double search

Three Irish are looking for a double search. Within four weeks, they would like to find someone who looks like their faces.

"It is said that there are exactly seven people in the world who look the same as you are", three Irish friends would like to prove and are looking for a double search .

Harry, Niamh and Terrence are three friends from Ireland and they have a common goal: they want to find their doppelgangers within 28 days with the project "Twin Strangers" and compete against each other. On their Facebook page and Twitter, they search for someone who looks exactly like them: "If you look like us, or know someone who looks like us, then contact us!"

People from all over the world are already sending images of alleged doppelgangers and Niahm has already had success: She met a woman named Karen, who looks very much like her. The oddest thing is that she lives only an hour away from her. "We were both pretty freaked out when we met, " she says in her Youtube video.

Through their huge viral success, they also want to help other people find their doppelgangers. Other people send photos that are published in a gallery so everyone can find their twin .

Have I found my Twin Stranger? What do you guys think? #twinstrangers #doppelganger

- Niamh Geaney (@NiamhGeaney) April 13, 2015