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TV nun Janina Hartwig: Secret divorce

Janina Hartwig has already been divorced since last year.
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For God's sake, what happened?

What a surprising news: Germany's most famous TV nun Janina Hartwig (50) and her husband Michael Hell (53) have secretly divorced last year. Now, the popular actress admitted openly, "We've been going separate ways for two years."

What is the reason for the bitter end of their marriage?

The common life dream is broken. Janina Hartwig says: "We had to go through different developments." The couple saw each other less and less. She is busy at the side of "Mayor W├Âller" Fritz Wepper (70) in "For heaven's sake", he is a successful cellist.

In 1997, her great love started very timidly on a parents' evening. Janina's daughter Amelie (today 24), and Michael's daughter Elena (23) went to Munich in the same class.

Janina Hartwig remembers: "It sparked immediately, but it was not easy." Because even at the beginning you could feel the problems of a patchwork family. Janina Hartwig: "There is a lot of tolerance for everyone."

The couple in love tried to deal with the difficulties. They married in August 2000 romantically in Austria, on the Mieminger high plateau. The coronation then in 2004: The common son David was born. "For his two half-sisters, he is 'the little prince'!", Says Janina Hartwig.

And now the divorce ! Probably the pitfalls of the patchwork family were a reason for the divorce . Or Janina Hartwig's new? "In the meantime, there is a new man in my life, with whom I am very happy, " she reveals.