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Tripr App: Like Tinder, only for travelers!

Meet new people in foreign places, it has never been so easy!
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Traveling alone does not mean staying alone

You do not know each other but go together to a new city, to the festival or once around the world? Made possible by Tripr, a new app for people who like to explore the world solo, but do not want to be alone.

Beach vacation or city break? Hotel or campsite? As soon as you start planning your holiday together with your partner, your girlfriend or your family, you can not compromise - if you do not want to go on vacation alone. Your wish: Finally do exactly what you really feel like doing. A riding holiday in Iceland or an Ayurvedic trip to Sri Lanka without a nagging from the opposite. But a perfect holiday without company? No problem, because even for single travelers with connection requests, there's now an App - Tripr ! And even if the name is not cleverly chosen, the app pleases.

The concept behind the Tripr app is reminiscent of Tinder, the most successful flirt app of the year : Once Tripr has connected with their own Facebook profile, they presented via GPS potential holiday partners who are in the future in the same place or at the same event take part. Swipeing photo to the right means "fits", to the left "does not fit". Who confirms each other, reaps a "match" and is allowed to chat. New festival friends, road trip partners and world travel homies, here we come!

But why not use Tinder right away? The Tripr app is about where you will be in the future, not where you are at the moment. Tripr is not a hookup app, although theoretically it could be used for it. And very useful for those who like to plan in advance!