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Drinking cure - uncomplicated and effective cure

With a drinking cure you heal complaints uncomplicated and gentle.
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Many traditional therapies are currently experiencing a boom. Drinking cures are one of them. Anyone who thinks of old-fashioned spa houses with sulfur-smelling healing wells can be reassured: The healthy principle can also be carried out at home - with delicious drinks.

Traditionally, drinking therapies are used primarily for the gastrointestinal area. But healing waters, tea or juice mixtures can also be used to bring the body back to balance in pain-related disorders, stress or metabolic disorders and detoxify. Important is the right composition for the purpose.

With a drinking cure, the amount of recommended drinks is added to your normal daily fluid requirements (see below). Depending on the drinking cure, you can absorb significantly more fluid than usual. People with heart or kidney disease should therefore consult with their doctor beforehand.

Do you drink enough?

Often it is too little. In case of thirst the body already lacks fluid. Make sure it does not get that far. On average, we should drink 1.5 to 2 liters daily, more in the summer. It helps to always have a filled glass of water ready. Information at .

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