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Drinking glass lid and saucer made of modeling clay

  • Modeling clay (eg

      Flexplast from efco; Craft store; 50 g about 4, 80 €)
    • 1 small lace doily (about 12 cm in diameter)
    • 1 Tortelettförmchen with removable bottom, 10 cm diameter (household goods, about 6.50 €)
    • Dough roll or alternatively large, smooth bottle
    • knife

    1. Roll out modeling clay approx. 0.5 cm thick.

    2. Place the lace doilies over them and roll them over the mass again with light pressure, so that the pattern on the mass is pressed off.

    3. Cut out circles with the cake tray base so that the lace pattern is centered on the modeling clay. Push out modeling clay through the opening.

    4. For the lids, punch half of the circles in the middle with a small round object for the straw opening (eg with a felt-tip cap).

    5. Lay the lid on the edge of the glass to dry and bend the edges slightly downwards. Allow coasters to dry flat, turning them from time to time.

    Tip: Since the lid and saucer may come into contact with drinks, it is recommended that they be painted with acrylic lacquer.