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Triangl Swimwear - cool bikinis and size tips

Especially nice to tanned skin. The bright blue bikini from Triangl.
Photo: Triangl
  1. Into the floods - and the stylish!
  2. A bikini like a diving suit?
  3. How should a triangle bikini sit?
  4. Where can I buy Triangl bikinis?
  5. How do Triangl bikinis fall out?

Into the floods - and the stylish!

The bikinis of the Australian swimwear brand Triangl are real eye-catchers. Not only because of their great neon colors. The exciting thing about the beautiful particles for the beach: they are made of chloroprene rubber, better known as neoprene - and slip as good as not ...

A bikini like a diving suit?

No, that's not how it is. Although the material used by Triangl does not feel natural on the skin, like a normal bikini. As expected, the bikini is stronger than conventional models and does not wear out as fast due to the structure. Of course, this has a nice advantage: the neoprene bikinis, which have been christened with names such as "Milly", "Winnie" or "Elly", are more appealing and bring along every water fun, such as surfing, slides and more,

How should a triangle bikini sit?

Triangl bikinis should not cut or squeeze (just like any other bikini). If that happens, the model is definitely too small. Of course, the material on the body but should rest, because so it can only work its special advantages. Because of the solid material, a triangle bikini forms a great silhouette. Nothing flashes out here unintentionally. It visually smoothes the skin and keeps the breasts and buttocks in place even during athletic movements. Full Karacho plunged into the floods and the panties or top hanging beyond Honolulu? Can not happen with the triangle bikini. Because of the neoprene material, it is wonderfully non-slip. No wonder then, that prominent water rats, such as singer and actress Miley Cyrus, appreciate the benefits of these bikinis. How hot this can look, prove also private posts of girls from all over the world on the Instagram profile of Triangl.

Extra tip: Especially the solid material is great if you have a big bust size. The important thing is to pick a model with wide straps that cut less in the shoulder area.

Where can I buy Triangl bikinis?

The Triangl bikinis are available in various styles (triangle, bandeau, shell top) and color combinations (turquoise & orange, pink & mint, blue and purple). All can be ordered, among others, in the Triangl online shop. Most models cost the equivalent of around 60-70 euros. The only drawback: the return shipment if not satisfied (shipping costs, about 20 euros) is unfortunately not really cheap.

How do Triangl bikinis fall out?

Each model is a bit different in size (usually a bit smaller). Therefore, it is worth taking a look at the Triangl website in the section "Sizing". There is not just one international size chart in comparison. There were also tips for each model, how the bikinis fail in detail. Anyone who doubts, can use the live chat option for advice. The different models are basically available in sizes XXS to XL.

Triangl bikini with the sonorous name "Penny Wanderlust". Favorite of Miley Cyrus.

Model "Milly Candy" in pink.

"Arizona Sunset" shines great on tanned skin.

Triangl bikini "Winnie".

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