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Trends 2015: The new bags are here!

Bags with pebbled and beaded trimmings are the winner of 2015.
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  1. We want these bags!
  2. Pocket Trend 2015: Ethno
  3. Pocket Trend 2015: Two-tone
  4. Pocket Trend 2015: Nude
  5. Pocket Trends 2015: pebbles and pearls
  6. Pocket Trend 2015: stripes
  7. Pocket Trend 2015: Everything in blue

We want these bags!

We are very ecstatic! The new bag models enchant us with great colors, exciting details and exciting shapes. Here are our six favorite trends.

Granted, what other shoes are for me are bags . I have countless of them! It's like a kind of addiction: If I see a model that I like, I MUST have it! That does not spare the purse, but then I do not like to do without a new pair of boots. My bags even have their own compartment in my wardrobe, otherwise I would not know where to go with the masses. But honestly, how many do I usually use daily? A! Why? Because I have no time in the morning to repack everything. Nevertheless, it is no reason for me to stop the eternal search for the new favorite bag (you do not understand, my friend does not). On the contrary, every year I am looking forward to the latest bag trends - as in 2015 . Seven hip handbag styles - from ethno to two-tone - that will make me weak personally, are here now.

Pocket Trend 2015: Ethno

What festival goers and hippie fans have known for a long time: ethno-style bags are just the cracker. The folklore patterns make us dream of distant lands and integrated fringes resonate casually with each step, as if to say 'Let the hippie summer begin!'. Important here: it may be colorful - but please with muted tones. The patterns and applications are already enough highlight for the eye. Styling tip: It's all about everyday wear with a maxi dress, sandals and a simple tank top.

Pocket Trend 2015: Two-tone

What's that trend? Sounds exciting - and that's it! In 2015, we celebrate the togetherness of colors and are excited about the combination possibilities. The two tones are arranged in such a way that they make each other shine. Unusual combinations are absolutely allowed. Styling tip: If the bag is already an eyecatcher, the outfit may be simpler. Depending on the color of the bag but you can stay in the same color family and combine it without fuss.

Pocket Trend 2015: Nude

You love pastel? Especially in spring, the delicate nuances are a real hit. A representative of the shallow sounds is Nude - and in 2015 more popular than ever. The subtle newcomers inspire with different shapes and make it just super interesting. Styling tip: Nude is a real combination wonder. The "skin tone" fits many looks: Whether completely wrapped in pastel, or dressed in bold colors. Nude is good for many styles. However, if you show a lot of light skin in the summer, the bag around your arm can look a little paler.

Pocket Trends 2015: pebbles and pearls

Noble is 2015 in the evening - especially small handbags, such as clutches with pearl and stone applications are the hit and conjure the simplest outfit to a real hit. Styling tip: Add accents to your bag, so your look is guaranteed to be glamorous. The playful funkel-bags loosen up the classic little black especially nicely.

Pocket Trend 2015: stripes

The maritime look now has our accessories under control this year. Although we do not go to sea, but: Stylish stripes - especially in white-red-blue - this summer with our outfits are indispensable. Whether on the shopper or the clutch, we let the fine stripes and wide block stripes live up now. Styling tip: Where do striped bags best fit? Of course, to maritime looks and casual blue jeans suits.

Pocket Trend 2015: Everything in blue

From now on we turn blue every day! No, of course not as you think now ... In terms of pocket trends 2015, we use the color of the sky and water. All nuances are allowed and let us radiate. Styling tip: Blue is good for many looks and can be perfectly combined with white and aqua tones. Special styling refinement: try this year to mix different shades of blue. The look in one color is now very difficult.

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