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Trendy short hairstyles for every type

Hairstyle Trends F / S 2012: Short Hairstyles

In a nutshell, short cuts are very popular with stars like Michelle Williams, Milla Jovovich and Emma Watson. And with the right cut they are also absolutely versatile in styling.

Short hairstyle trends 2012
Photo: PR
Which short hairstyles are announced in 2012 can be found here.

Actress Milla Jovovich recently tweeted a photo of her new undercut hairstyle. This is the star of the trend, because extremely short held hair is in 2012 absolutely hip.

The gallery shows the short hairstyle trends for spring and summer 2012 (16 pictures)!

Bold people use the undercut this year to consciously break the symmetry of the hairstyle. Very tight hair parts alternate with longer strands. For less advanced players, try asymmetric bobsled or pixie cuts with 80s-style slanted ponies celebrating their comeback in spring and summer 2012.

In 2012, sporty looks on short hairstyles are a trend

You do not like the "That's not wrong, that's the way it looks" look? Then we have identified a few more trends for short hair here: some hairdressers put the Summer Olympic Games in London at the center of their hair creations and show on their models athletic and unfussy looks with a clear silhouette.

And there is still a tendency for 2012: The pony may like to be maxi and fall deeply in the face. Do you feel the desire for change? Then let yourself be inspired by our trend hairstyles for short hair.