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Trendy shopping bags with gradient make it yourself

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Stylish in the supermarket

Jute bags and dip-dye are very trendy. Just combine both and you're done with these cool tote bags! It's that easy.

What you need for the shopping bags:

  • solid canvas fabric 75 x 45 cm
  • Textile dyes (craft shop)
  • Leather strap, 45 cm long, 2 cm wide
  • 8 rivets (haberdashery / craft shop)
  • tape measure
  • fabric scissors
  • pins
  • Sewing machine and matching sewing thread
  • Bucket and water for dyeing
  • Hole / riveting pliers
  • hammer

And that's how easy it is:

1. Cut fabric measuring 75 x 45 cm. Lay the fabric across, the long edge up, which later becomes the opening.

2. Double-punch the long edge and seam in the lockstitch.

3. Fold the fabric center right to right to a size of B37 x H45 cm and slightly round off the lower corners with scissors.

4. Stitch the bottom and side seams.

5. For dyeing the bag only for about 10 minutes in one color dive the fabric, then the lower part a little longer (about 15 minutes) in the other, best darker, dipping color. Wash well and let dry.

6. Attach the leather straps to the bag for the Henkel, fix them with two rivets at each end.