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Fantastic: Germany's first shop for the afternoon nap

  1. Power napping studio "Naps" opened in Berlin
  2. Lunch nap is healthy and makes you fit
  3. Fit-sleep during the lunch break
  4. A nap in the "nap"

Power napping studio "Naps" opened in Berlin

Who does not know this: The whole morning is still sitting in the office, diligently writing his e-mails and then, suddenly, at lunchtime, fatigue is spreading. How good would a nap now! In Berlin there is finally the perfect place for it.

Lunch nap is healthy and makes you fit

When it comes to sleep experts, it is quite normal that we get tired at lunchtime regularly, because after about 7 hours in the waking state, the body shuts down its functions. In contrast, a short nap helps from 20 to a maximum of 40 minutes. During this time, you recover and become more efficient again. A longer sleep is counterproductive, because the body then sinks into deep sleep.

Fit-sleep during the lunch break

However, it will be difficult to implement such a beneficial power-napping in everyday working life. Unlike in Japan, where short naps are approved and even welcome, German employers do not give them permission to nap . What is left as a staff member other than to lower his head on the keyboard, or retire to the toilet for a rest during lunch break ?

A nap in the "nap"

This can be easier now. At least in Berlin, because that's where Germany's first studio for naps has opened. In the "nap" in Berlin-Kreuzberg, you can relax in soft light and relaxation music, without the boss noticing anything. Does not that sound fantastic ?!

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