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Dream Interpretation: What do the pictures in the head mean?

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The symbolism of dreams

Dream interpretation: You dream of snakes, spiders, or a love affair? All these pictures have a deeper meaning. We'll tell you which!

It is sometimes like hell: You wake up and want to remember the dream that was just haunted by the world of thought - and already the pictures have disappeared. But sometimes we can actually remember scraps of a dream, most of these are just those that were particularly emotional upsetting.

In fact, we dream people every night, only we can not remember properly then. Mostly we process things that have dealt with us in our daily lives. So it is not surprising that one experiences again and again situations in the dream, which have to do with the emotional situation of the individual.

But sometimes we can not figure out what we meet in the dream! This is where the dream interpretation begins!

Not always when dream interpretation is everything, it seems! For example, if you are dreaming about death, it does not mean that you or someone around you has to die. So do not be afraid to interpret your thoughts while sleeping. You may even be amazed at what your subconscious mind sometimes wants to tell you.

Dream Interpretation: Here are the most common scenarios in our sleeping thoughts.

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