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Dream interpretation: That means our dreams

We decipher the language of dreams in our dream interpretation
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What our nightly head cinema means

Our nocturnal head cinema has important things to tell us. The most common dream images, what they mean, and how to use these messages of dream interpretation for life.

Sometimes we dance with an old love through psychedelic landscapes, then again appear grimaces, which could be castrated for the next horror shocker. Although it seems confused at night in the head, researchers today agree that dreams point to hidden desires, feelings and upcoming changes. Usual dream interpretation according to the motto "serpent-is-sex" but fall short. Because: "Every dream has a unique meaning for the dreamer, " says psychotherapist Dieter Schnocks.

One gets better access to one's own dreams, if one finds out, by which situation of the last two days the dream sequence was released. Who z. For example, when he dreams of a threatening rising sea and is on vacation at the coast, he may be confronted with his latent fear of natural disasters. However, those who are in the midst of everyday life and had quarrels with their loved ones the day before, are more likely to be confronted with a feeling sea that threatens to flood one.

Dreams thus act like highlighters: They emphasize which moments of everyday life are really important for our soul. If you know this, you can use it for your own life. You can also find a good introduction to dream classics: The Canadian psychology professor Antonio Zadra has listed 55 dreams that occur frequently and in all cultures. Leaders worldwide are pursuit and testing dreams. There are good explanations for such typical dreams today.

In our picture gallery you will find some - and her dream interpretation for the area job, love, family and friends.

Even more exciting things about strange, nocturnal dream scenarios, which everyone knows, can be read in the book of our expert Dieter Schnocks: "What Our Dreams Want to Say: Messages from the Soul's Space". Herder, 8, 95 euros.

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