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Trachtenmode: The alternative to Dirndl

Photo: Laura Kent

A high on leather pants, check blouse and Co.

Anyone who does not feel like a traditional Dirndl at the Oktoberfest, as a true Madl can now also grab for the Krachledernen in combination with a Trachtenbluse. Here come trendy alternatives to the classic dress.

Greetings from the God beautiful woman ...

Today the dirndl stays in the closet - and the kitchen is cold! Because: We have fun with Brezn, Weiswurscht and a measure of the best Bavarian beer at the Wiesn 2014 .

How does it look fashion-technically with us? Our traditional fashion has no less sex appeal than the classic Dirndl! So much to say ... And so we are even fully in vogue. For some time now, it has been pretty fancy to visit the Oktoberfest in lederhosen, blouse, hat and lace-up boots as a true Wiesn-Madl.

This is how the look works

The traditional fashion looks casual, but sexy at the same time. Important for this look: Pay attention to feminine colors and cuts. A leather pants - wrong combination - can quickly act masculine.

Our styling tip: Short, brown leather pants with embroidery to red checkered, tailored blouse (may also like to be ruffled). These bright lace-up boots and natural knitted socks. icing on the cake: A red hat with feather decoration. Fits: red lipstick and beautiful Oktoberfest braiding.

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