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Tom Beck exclusively in an interview

We met Tom Beck in Munich

Tom Beck and CELEBRITY author Mila

Last night CELEBRITY met Tom Beck before his concert in Munich. Here he answered our questions about his music, his departure from "Alarm für Cobra 11" and his love life. CELEBRITY: On Tuesday there was a tour kick-off in Nuremberg and you only had positive reactions on Facebook. Did you expect it to go so well? Tom Beck: You can not always count on that. Of course, I am planning a tour in the hope of selling it well. But if you expect that, you will only be disappointed if it is not so. Of course, you are really happy that it works like that. Are you nervous of concerts? Yes, yes. The day before yesterday I was mega-nervous. Especially if you have not played the program in public before. Actually, we have never really played it in front of an audience - not even without an audience - (laughs). You have announced on the internet that you are playing songs from both albums. They are quite different. How come? This has to do with the fact that I looked for a bit at the first album and let me have a lot of chat. It was all well-intentioned advice, of course, but I trusted too much in the opinions of others, which I simply did not do on my second album. There will always be people who do not like it, but the main thing is that I like it. Love and separation are big topics on the new album. Did you use it to process your own separation? For sure. There are already many songs created in the time. This always happens when you think about yourself and your life. Then many ballads come around. It was the same with this album. Does your new hairstyle have anything to do with the separation? Where are the hairs? The hair! Yes, where are the hairs? They burned me off at the stunt. No, nonsense. I am glad that I got rid of it, let's say so. Somehow, they were a bit too long for me. I feel so much better. "Nice Guys finish last", you tell how you once blew off quite bad. Now that you're better known, is it easier to meet women? Getting to know women is not that easy. I can not stand it when someone appeals to me because he once saw me on TV. It is difficult to avoid. I prefer it, you do not know me at all. Are you still single? Since I give no comment to (grins mischievously). You announced a few months ago that you are leaving "Cobra 11". Why? It was an important station in my life, as before. I do not regret it, it was a great time. I will certainly go with a crying eye, but also with a laughing. I have little time for other stories. Also for the music. I want to play more gigs. I want to play more festivals. I would also like to shoot one or the other beautiful movie. Many of your opponents are driving a seat. Will you be allowed to scrap such cars? It is a pity that this is the bad guy car. Why? Because the Seat Leon Cupra might be so hateful many horsepower. Yes, I will miss that. Hang on the helicopter, hover over Cologne and I will not do that kind of stuff anymore. You said in an interview a few months ago that you've never had anything with a fan before. Has that changed so far? Yes, um, no. Absolutely no way! That will definitely endure. Photos from the following concert can be found in the Fotoshow! MB

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