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Great video: singing in London subway station

Photo: YouTube / DayVideoEdits

A man starts to sing and everyone agrees

Completely without fear: In the middle of a London subway station, a man suddenly begins to sing. What happens then is just great.

Would you have dared to do that? Without warning, all of a sudden a man starts to sing on a London Underground platform. As the video below proves, the man's enthusiasm is contagious. Because it does not take long and many people who are also waiting at the platform agree with the vocal performance and support the spontaneous performance of the Erasure song 'A Little Respect' .

The video was recorded on December 14, 2014, following a concert by the British duo Erasure. Vince Clarke and Andy Bell have obviously been so enthusiastic about their fan Neil Francis that he could not help but tune in to a group song while waiting for the subway.

Whether it was the visit to the Erasure concert or the pre-Christmas atmosphere that encouraged the other people to sing along - the deposit is always great. Everyone wants a good mood on a Sunday evening.