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Great video about love: Love Has No Labels

Love knows no prejudices.
Photo: Screenshot / Ad Council

Love without prejudice

What is love? The wonderful campaign "Love Has No Labels" shows the diversity of love through an x-ray wall. The video is to the heart!

Ad Council wants to draw attention to social issues with its campaigns. For this, leading advertising agencies always like to come together to volunteer for a joint project. How wonderful the result can look like, shows this video.

Advertising has set itself the task of clearing up prejudices. One would hardly have been able to choose a more beautiful subject than love. Because affection knows no boundaries. But what is love? The answer can not be found in words, but in the warm feeling left by this video.

Love Has No Labels

A PSA wall will be set up in the middle of the city. First of all, it is assumed that it is a simple canvas on which a film is shown. But these recordings are live. Digital x-ray technology shows people's skeletons behind the wall.

It's a love story. You see different skeletons kissing, hugging and dancing happily. One after the other, they venture out from behind the wall. Why so hesitant? People applaud. Because it is the most diverse relationships that are shown here. Gradually, the campaign takes on every prejudice. Love knows neither gender, disability, age or origin, nor religion.

Because love is diverse. When it comes to love, differences between people no longer matter. The great video makes you feel warm and wonderfully encourages you to drop your prejudices once and for all.