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Table decoration for Easter brunch

  • Ostrich eggs (department store)
  • about 2-3 pots Tazetten, gef llt (by the florist)
  • Glasschssel
  • Moss (from the florist)
  • pliers
  • Cup (z.

      From the depot; Dekoladen)
    • Egg cups (eg from buttlers;
    • Spoon (eg from Krömer Zolnir)
    • possibly narrow satin ribbon

    1. Carefully break open the hole in the ostrich egg with the pliers.

    2. Plant tazettes in the eggs.

    3. Lay the glass bowls with moss and put the eggs in it.

    4. Turn the mug upside down and place the eggcup on top of the cup.

    5. Lean the egg spoon on the cup and if necessary pull a band through the handle.