Recommended, 2020

Editor'S Choice

Plate with tulips from decor-foil

  • Creative punch (craft shop)
  • Decorative foil in Bordeaux (eg

      from efco; Craft store)
    • Breakfast plate
    • cups
    • egg cup
    • cereal bowl
    • pen
    • scissors
    • Bowl of water
    • household paper

    1. First, arrange all required materials

    2. Use the motif punch to punch tulips out of decorative foil. Alternatively, draw with a ballpoint pen motif on the back of the decorative foil and cut with scissors.

    3. Place motive briefly in water

    4. Carefully pull the decorative foil from the carrier paper

    5. Push on the dishes and smooth the motif from the inside to the outside with your fingers

    6. Absorb moisture with household paper.