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Plate with blackboard color as usher

1 hour

  • Different saucers
  • Adhesive strips (eg
      from Tesa)
    • School black lacquer in black (hardware store or craft shop, about 10 euros)
    • Bristle brush with natural fibers
    • thin chalk piece (stationery)
    • Brush cleaner (hardware store)
    • compasses

    1. Draw a circle of 5-8 cm diameter on the saucer with the compass. In order to pierce the circle tip on the center of the plate, stick a piece of adhesive strip in the middle of the plate and prick the circle tip.

    2. Thoroughly shake the schoolbag.

    3. Paint the circle with schoolbag lacquer with the bristle brush. Approximately Let it dry for 24 hours.

    4. Wash bristle brush well with brush cleaner.

    5. Write the name on the blackboard with a thin piece of chalk.

    Tip: For saucers with cup heels, simply paint the given recess with table-cloth.